Image of MAGIC LANTERN PLatoon CD 2009 Sealed Sun Araw NNF 190

MAGIC LANTERN PLatoon CD 2009 Sealed Sun Araw NNF 190


Sealed 2009 Magic Lantern- Platoon CD on Not Not Fun NNF190.
It’s been a while since The Lantern shined its High Beams out into the world but life’s a maze of alternate paths (marriage, children, Portland Oregon, etc.) and that’s just the way it goes/went. Fortunately for all lovers of heavy male psych brotherhoods the MAGIC LANTERN gang convened back in 2009 before parting ways temporarily to track their second full-length, Platoon, and here it is. As oughta be expected, it's a monstrous hot-rod cruise into screaming dual wah distortions powered by the poker faced GAVIN/CHIP rhythm section and splattered with jazzy freak-out organ and the occasional CAMERON STALLONES echo yelp. Featuring most of their live classics from the pre-hiatus era (“Dark Cicadas,” “Friendship,” etc.) and tracked/mixed by BEST COAST’s BOBB BRUNO, this fills the hole in yr heart left by High Beams. Black vinyl LPs in classic National Geographic photo collage jackets designed by Cameron Araw. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN.