Image of Polypores- The Impossibility UK LP Polytechnic Youth PY47

Polypores- The Impossibility UK LP Polytechnic Youth PY47


Next up and equally fabulous is the great, and hotly anticipated, new album from Polypores. The artist’s third full length for the label following a private press style, mailorder release earlier the year and first album proper “The Fialka Transmissions” in 2016.

Polypores aka Stephen James Buckley makes haunted space music using an ever-expanding mound of synthesizers, samplers, and old tape recorders. Bleak, icy drones give way to 1970's Sci-Fi synth lines, throbbing bass rumbles ominously beneath a psychedelic haze of wistful melody and disembodied voices.

“The Impossibility” was inspired by the destruction of the planet Earth by the human race, the early works of JG Ballard, Tarkovsky's “Stalker”, conspiracy theories, and places where the rules of time and space are brought into question. It was written and recorded in January 2017.

Piccadilly Records Staff review:

Every single time a Polytechnic Youth LP (or single) crops up, i'm instantly frought. I try not to listen to it because I KNOW i'll want it. Spoiler : It never works. I have now bought this one, as well as EVERY OTHER PY RELEASE EVER. This time we have a slightly claustrophobic, but absolutely spellbinding cosmic synth journey. It's impeccable, and as a serial PY purchaser, one of the very best.